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What's the 411: Olive Oil

Olive Oil has been around since biblical times and is used in my main soap recipe for its many "skin loving" properties. With -- like everything, I have to find out the history or "411" on something I'm going to be using on a regular basis. While researching, I stumbled on some pretty interesting things I'll share with you from my notes.

First - what is it? Olive Oil is a liquid fat produced by pressing whole olives. There are several different grades of olive oil but we'll get into that a little later in another post.

What is it good for? Olive Oil has been used in religious rituals, medicines, for fuel in oil lamps, obviously for food, and in the case I am most interested in, soap making and skin care.

According to Wikipedia, "the Olive tree is native to the Mediterranean basin and wild olives were collected by Neolithic peoples as early as the 8th Millennium BC. Archaeological evidence shows that olives were turned into Olive Oil by 6000 BC." [1]

Interesting to note that Wikipedia also claims "the first recorded Olive Oil extraction is known from the Hebrew Bible and took place during the Exodus from Egypt." [1] The use of oil is mentioned many times over in the Bible. I'm just venturing to guess - but it was probably Olive Oil being used in the parable of the women and their lamps (Matthew 25:3). I'm not going to be the one running out of Olive Oil any time soon!

So why do I use it? Because it is known to act as an antioxidant and those are known to help prevent premature aging - and I like anything that prevents that! Olive Oil is also known to be antibacterial and is a popular natural moisturizer. It contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K which can be very beneficial for the skin. Yes, you can get these vitamins from supplements, but I believe it's better to get them from your food or by using it contained in the products of your skin care routine.

Whether ingested or used topically, I have found that I can't live without Olive Oil. You can't go wrong with something that's been around since almost the beginning of time, now can you?


[1] Olive oil. (2019, March 15). Retrieved March 23, 2019, from


I wanted to share some of my favorite things pertaining to Olive Oil in case you have an interest in trying them:


I recently ordered these two books about Olive Oil, One on the History and the other to cook with:


If you have to use supplements, here are links to some I have used:

Vitamin A:

Vitamin D:

Vitamin E:

Vitamin K:


You can burn Olive Oil in one of these Biblical replica Herodian Oil Lamps which I think are super cool! You can find them on Amazon - just click on the picture and it will take you there.

Here is a short, but interesting, video on how to use this lamp:

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